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Published on January 14, 2010 By MamieLady In Cooking

I have been a member here for many years.  I came to read blogs from family members and became a fan of many other bloggers on this site.  I like it here.  So, while I have often been encouraged to write a blog of my own, I never was much inspired to do so.  Until now.  (There is a point coming, I promise.)

I recently came to the realization that I am happiest when I am busy.  Maybe I am just now coming to this realization because my 3rd child started kindergarten this year.  I have only 2 fairly quiet and calm children at home during the day leaving me with more down time than I have had in a long time.

Did she just say that she has free time?  With 5 kids!?! 

You should meet #3.

All of this down time must be so nice, right?  I can get things done, finish up projects, get more organized . . . surprisingly - not for me.  I need something to motivate me.  When I have a deadline, these other projects, etc. fall into place.  The chores get done better, the projects don’t stagnate.  Stuff happens!  Without deadlines I tend to brood and get gloomy and unproductive.

So (at long last) the point - I have been issued a challenge by my good husband.  You may have read the book or seen the movie Julie and Julia.   This is not that challenge.  But, it is similar. 

I am to experiment with cooking.  Learn to make new dishes, and perhaps perfect some I already know.  I am to tackle only one or two dishes per week, and not drive my family crazy.  I can study and use as reference any recipes, cookbooks, or websites for ideas, but at the end of the day each new recipe must be mine.  And I’m going to write about it here.


(Now, I love to cook, and I’m pretty good at it but don’t expect truffles and caviar.  Remember I have 5 kids and part of the test is to see if they’ll eat the stuff I make!)

This all has another purpose I won’t write about, yet.  No, not a book deal or a major motion picture!  This is my short term goal, and should the rest pan out as I hope, I’ll write about it later!

I just returned from the grocery store.  Tomorrow I make French Onion Soup.  Wish me luck . . .

on Jan 14, 2010

I look forward to seeing your stuff!  You are a great cook....who knows?  Maybe you will inspire me!

on Jan 14, 2010

Nothing gets things done like the "last minute".  Good luck.